Diversity 17 on MBUK

"A handy tool to stow in your pack" - MBUK. 

Birzman's Diversity multi-tool has 17 functions, including Allen keys from 2 to 8mm, a T25 Torx key, Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, two tyre levers, two spoke keys, a chain hook and chain breaker with an in-built CO2 valve head. 

The tool itself is decent quality, though due to the composite body doesn't feel as sturdy as a full (albeit heavier) metal tool. You need to ensure the pivit bolts are cinched up too, to stop the tool bits flopping about. We're not the biggest fans of potentially easy-to-lose, snap-into-place additional tool bits, but we're yet to misplace the 8mm Alley key and, thanks to the length of the tool and the 5mm bit it attaches to, have found it handy for tightening pedals and cranks. 

Our biggest surprise was the integrated CO2 valve head. It works well, and the spring-loaded head does a decent job of controlling airflow too. 

At 180g and just over 100mm in length, this is a handy tool to stow in your pack.