Maha - Apogee Ⅱ

The Maha Apogee II is design evolved from Birzman's premier 5 Degree floor pump design. Barrels is tilted 5 degrees toward the user for ultimate control and leverage.
It’s CNC machined, extruded handle for optimum handling and comfort and longer barrel houses large piston purpose-built for high pressure inflation.


Snap-It Apogee (Presta / Schrader)


CNC machined aluminum


CNC machined aluminum


CNC machined aluminum


220 psi / 15 bar




Where are your products made?

We are the Taiwan company and manufacture all of our products in Taiwan.

Where I could purchase the products?

Please contact with the nearby distributor which shop to purchase the our products.

How to replace a new oring with popping out problem on the Apogee head?

This problem should be sort out by replacing the new o-ring and the correct gold threaded insert that we design to conquer the tolorence from the o-ring.
How to put the oring back to the Snap-It Apogee head
How to replace the gold threaded insert.

How to use Snap-It Apogee head?

Can you please help use the pump again according to our video how to use the Apogee head?

My floorpump has the leakage problem.

We would like to make sure if the problem comes from the hose or gauge.
Can you please follow up the stage as the below:
Test 1 to see if the problem comes from the hose:
Disassemble the hose from the pump and see if the air still comes back to the pump.
If the problem fixed,

How to get the gauge for the replacement?

I think this will be most efficient to contact with our local distributor to get the gauge for the replacement.

What's the valve compatibility for the Apogee head?

Our Snap-It Apogee head is made in accordance with the valve standard 4.5 to 5 mm.
It may be that the depth of your valve does not follow up this standard?
If this is the case, it will be advisable to use our valve extender for the best solution.