Like a piston press, but doubled.

Simultaneously presses pistons back into the calliper with parallel and symmetrically moving panels, the Disc Brake Piston Pusher is a handy tool that prepares the calliper for brake pad replacements.

Compatible with two- and four-piston brake callipers with an opening wider than 23mm.


Aluminium 6061 / Alloy Steel


Ø23 x 121mm



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Instructions of Use

For Top-loading Callipers: 

- Remove brake pads, insert the tool into the caliper with the rotor between the two panels.
- Turn the handle clockwise to expand the panels and press the pistons back until flush with the caliper. 

For Bottom-loading Callipers: 
- Detach the wheel before using the tool. 


This tool is compatible with calipers with an opening of 23mm or more in width.
Certain brake calipers with unique structure e.g. Magura MT5/7s are not compatible.